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LANE 1974

LANE 1974

SJ CHIRO · USA · 2017 · 80 mins · NOT RATED
IMDBRotten Tomatoes

Special Event! Director SJ Chiro will be here to present her film! Regular prices.

SJ Chiro’s debut revisits the 1970s counter-culture in the splendour of Northern California for a low-key story about a 13 year-old girl who hovers dangerously on the edge of becoming a casualty of her mother’s alternative lifestyle. It has such a strong ring of authenticity that it’s no surprise to discover that Lane 1974 is based on a memoir. Or that SJ Chiro is a woman with a similar past as Lane, played memorably by Sophia Mitri Schloss…. A beautifully mounted, a 70s memory come to life, with a strong feel for the nature it surveys. --Screen Daily

This atmospheric and keenly observed feature captures with bittersweet lyricism the pathos of growing up subject to the whims of free-spirited grownups. Variety
Cast Sophia Mitri Schloss, Katherine Moennig, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sara Coates
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