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Chris Wedge · USA/Canada · 2016 · 105 mins · PG
IMDbRotten Tomatoes

A spry, spirited and delightful family film that has nothing to do with giant-wheeled vehicles piling on top of one another in indoor arenas. Instead, it’s an eco-fable, delivered with energy, winking mischief, unobtrusive effects and a skilled cast.

An oil company, personified by its chief executive (Rob Lowe), is drilling in North Dakota when it hits a water-table mother lode of biological activity. A geyser releases an entity that finds its way to the small-town high-school senior Tripp (Lucas Till). Working at a junkyard, Tripp bonds with the creature, which he names Creech. Creech, subsists on oil, and takes up residence in Tripp’s decrepit jalopy, sometimes impertinently seizing control. Antic effects-laden car chases in town and country ensue, leading to a tender climax. The director Chris Wedge (“Ice Age”) makes a nimble, largely live-action debut with this movie, whose heart, humor and gentle conscience keep it humming. –The New York Times

A film that makes good on its laughable, low-concept premise, one that relies on an out-of-fashion moral clarity that may actually benefit its presumed child viewer. Globe and Mail
Audiences could do (and have done) a lot worse than this genial throwback to a time when Kurt Russell was Disney's #1 living, breathing attraction. San Diego Reader
Cast Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon, Barry Pepper, Rob Lowe, Danny Glover
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