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REVELSTOKE: A Kiss in the Wind

Nicola Moruzzi · Italy/Canada · 2016 · 75 mins · G

Special Event! The director, Nicola Moruzzi, and the producer, Leonardo Baraldi will be here for a Q&A after the film! Regular Cinecenta prices.

On October 15, 1915, in the mountains of Western Canada, a tragic work accident snuffed out the life of 28 year-old Angelo Conte, a young immigrant from Veneto, Italy. In the thirty months spent far away from his wife Anna, Angelo never stopped writing. One hundred years later, Angelo’s love letters have re-emerged from a drawer, giving rise to a new adventure. Nicola Moruzzi, director of this documentary and great-grandson of Angelo, leaves for Canada with his partner Irene, searching for traces of his departed great-grandfather’s story.

Cast Susan Bertoia, Stefano Scandaletti
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