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Laura Poitras · USA · 2017 · 92 mins · PG
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“INJECTS YOU INTO THE BLOODSTREAM OF THE ASSANGE STORY.” –The Telegraph However you look at Julian Assange — radical hero, martyr, Trumpist sell-out, probable rapist, victim of his cult of personality — there’s something in Laura Poitras’ documentary to confirm your point of view.  You might not think there would be much left to say on this subject, but there is. For one thing, Poitras began making this film before her much-celebrated Edward Snowden portrait, Citiizenfour (2014), and had access to Assange as far back as 2011.

This is not Citizenfour Part Two, though for both films Poitras gained intimate access to her subjects, especially here in long stretches of Assange’s house arrest.  Risk does rehash some familiar WikiLeaks history, but for the most part Poitras assumes that viewers are familiar with Chelsea Manning as well as the basics of Assange’s refusal to go to Sweden to answer sexual-assault charges. Poitras exposes his casual contempt for feminists.

Though it could benefit from less hopping around in time and space, and it bears the scars of Poitras’ multiple edits — she showed one cut to Assange, who hated it — if you care about what’s happening to the internet and to global politics, it’s essential viewing. --Village Voice

A searing portrait of Assange as a man pitted against his cause, an egomaniacal advocate who may or may not care about the ramifications of his work. indieWire
Another fascinating piece of cinema-as-history that reminds us that Laura Poitras remains one of our most original, courageous and valuable filmmakers.
Cast Julian Assange, Sarah Harrison, Jacob Appelbaum
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