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Steve Loveridge · UK/USA · 2018 · 101 mins · 14A
IMDbRotten Tomatoes

A decade after "Paper Planes" launched M.I.A. into the charts’ stratosphere, Steve Loveridge’s all-access documentary offers welcome insights into the uncompromising pop-culture firebrand whose creativity and charisma are apparently rivalled only by her combativeness and appetite for controversy. Decades of personal footage shot by the Sri Lankan refugee-turned-subversive-icon reveal a deeply conflicted artist—torn between her Tamil resistance-fighter heritage, her desire for superstardom and her capacity for acts of self-sabotage (the most infamous being her one-finger salute at the Super Bowl halftime show that resulted in $1.5-million fine). In devoting equal screen time to triumphs and frustrations, Loveridge illustrates that album sales in the millions don’t necessarily translate into people wanting to hear what you actually have to say. –Vancouver International Film Festival  

"[M.I.A. Is] the controlling spirit of this enjoyable documentary: always the centre of attention, performing and setting the mood with absolute magnetism. It’s clear she’s the director of her own life."—The Guardian

Winner! Special Documentary Jury Award -- Sundance 18

"It is fascinating to watch M.I.A. develop into middle-age as, inevitably, the sum of her own best efforts." Seattle Times
"Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. is an illuminating and enjoyable portrait of one of the most interesting pop musicians of this century who, even after this, remains inscrutable in many of the ways that matter." Toronto Star
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