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Brady Corbet · United States · 2018 · 115 mins · 14A
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Brady Corbet’s knockout feature damn near explodes off the screen. Yes, a movie about the traumatic childhood that formed a formidable pop diva might be too much for some people. You should be prepared to be wowed by Natalie Portman, who delivers a take-no-prisoners performance as Celeste, a swaggering rock diva who tends to burn down everything in her path, especially when she’s crossed.

Hair slicked back, her face slathered in glitter to hide the creeping darkness, this singer-songwriter is a tiny time-bomb of talent and ruthless need. You speculate about how this fame monster lost her innocence — how her star ever got born.

Willem Dafoe is the narrator who introduces us to the 13-year-old Celeste, played by the remarkable Raffey Cassidy. She finds herself badly injured during a school shooting, a tragic common-occurrence staple of the new century.

Corbet brings tremendous momentum to the scenes of a young woman’s rise in a broken pop universe — she’s Madonna, Britney and Katy rolled into one confused pop princess. The stage is the only place she has left to belong. Celeste carves out a safe harbor in the blinding glare of the spotlight. The film creates a universe where fame crowds out humanity. You can’t stop thinking about it. --Rolling Stone

“Every so often there’s a movie that’s not only great but new, that advances the form a little, that pushes movies to a different place….’Vox Lux’ aspires to tell the moral history of the 21st century. And it does.” --San Francisco Chronicle
“It’s funny, thrilling, deadly serious and achieves genuine depth.”  CineVue
“A deeply satisfying, narratively ambitious jolt of a movie.” New York Times
Cast Natalie Portman, Willem Dafoe, Jude Law
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