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Bing Lui · United States · 2018 · 94 mins · 14A
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Academy Award Nominee: Best Documentary Feature!

In a year of stellar documentaries, Minding the Gap takes its place with the cream of the crop. In his debut feature, Bing Liu started with 12 years of footage that he shot in his hometown of Rockford, Illinois, to trace the restless lives of his skateboarder buddies; what he ended with was a larger statement about the shifting definitions of what it means to be a man. Weaving sensational boys-on-the-board footage into the stories of his friends (and himself) as they try to negotiate the sharp turns and tumbles of their lives in a city on the skids, Liu creates an unforgettable film experience that will knock the wind out of you.

It’s loaded with drama as we watch these young men over the years, trying to skate into adulthood while dodging the male toxicity that often comes with the territory. Violence on the streets and at home is an integral part of their existence. And Liu, a natural-born cinematographer, lets his camera zig and zag as he follows his pals into an uncertain future. You can’t wait to see what Liu is going to do next.

--Rolling Stone

“Its easy going intimacy is what puts it over the top.”
“The film is filled with lengthy, sensuous skateboarding scenes, which feel meditative, therapeutic; we sense that these kids skated not because it was fun, but because it helped them to survive.” Village Voice
Cast Keire Johnson, Bing Liu, Zack Mulligan
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