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Sebastián Lelio · United States · 2016 · 102 mins · 14A
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The smile of Julianne Moore is one of the delights of modern cinema. Gloria Bell is divorced, with two children. During the day, she works in insurance. Come evening, she likes to go out for boogie nights. It may give you a sensation of déjà vu. The writer/director is Sebastián Lelio, who made “Gloria” in 2013, in his native Chile. Scenes are re-created afresh. Both Glorias yowl along to pop songs in their cars; both wear outsized spectacles; both attend classes in yoga and laughter therapy; both go to bed with a manwho, after weight-reduction surgery, wears a truss around his midriff. Nothing special, either tragic or triumphant, has befallen this woman, yet the final sight of her, lost in music, stirred me as if I had witnessed heroic deeds. Her smile is a badge of honor.

--The New Yorker

“Because of Moore's open-hearted, captivating portrayal of the title character, repetition won't be a drawback for those who've seen Gloria. She makes the role her own with brio and woman-power strength.” Toronto Star
“Not much happens in "Gloria Bell" other than someone staking her claim to joy. It's a quiet little movie that speaks the truth like a clarion call.” Washington Post
Cast Julianne Moore, Alanna Ubach, Michael Cera
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