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THE FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (La chute de l’empire américain)

THE FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (La chute de l’empire américain)

Denys Arcand · Canada (Québec) · 2018 · 127 mins · 14A · French with English subtitles
AwardsIMDbMetaCriticRotten Tomatoes

The rich grow richer and the poor are just collateral damage in this new film by writer/director Denys Arcand (The Decline of the American Empire), a sardonic, solidly entertaining fusion of crime caper and state-of-the-nation rumination. Money lies at the root of all the evils that Arcand observes, wagging a finger at corporate greed.

Thirty-something Pierre-Paul (Alexandre Landry) appears to be the last apostle of decency in a rotten, callous world. He has a PhD in philosophy, is still burdened with student loans and earns a living as a courier. He has come to believe that intelligence is a handicap in a world that favours the corrupt and those who have abandoned any sense of morality or community.

Everything changes for Pierre-Paul when he is present at a botched robbery and makes an impulsive decision to pocket the multi-million dollar proceeds for himself. Trying to figure out what to do with the money and how much it might change him fuels a cleverly plotted ensemble piece that eventually draws in ex-con Sylvain Bigras (Rémy Girard) and escort Aspasie (Maripier Morin).
–Screen International
“WITTY AND SARDONIC SATIRE” –Toronto International Film Festival
“A richly amusing rumination on the excesses and amorality of capitalism.” –Variety
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