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Nisha Ganatra · USA · 2019 · 102 mins · PG

Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling shine in this comedy about Katherine Newbury (Thompson)—the first and only woman to helm a long-running late-night network talk show—and her unlikely protege, Molly (Kaling), a former chemical plant employee who’s yearned to work in comedy. Kaling wrote the script, and Nisha Ganatra (Chutney Popcorn) directed. Heightened by an impressive performance from Thompson, it’s a fun movie that tackles a variety of issues, including sexism in the workplace, with panache. With John Lithgow, Hugh Dancy, and Amy Ryan.  --Chicago Reader

“A dryly funny and gently subversive comedy.” --Truthdig

“Emma Thompson especially shines in ‘Late Night,’ displaying blistering comedic chops.” --Hollywood News

“An earnest and funny comedy, with very sharp teeth.”

Cast Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow
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