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63 UP

63 UP

Michael Apted · UK · 2019 · 145 mins · PG
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To followers of the remarkable Up documentaries — nonfiction films that have revisited the same group of subjects every seven years— the arrival of a new installment is quite the event. 63 Up checks in on this motley assortment of now-63-year-old British men and women, drawn from both ends of the class system. As with previous episodes, director Michael Apted (Coal Miner’s Daughter) conducts all the intimate interviews and provides narration and clips from earlier movies to bring new viewers up to speed. Binge-watching the first eight installments before you settle into this one isn’t strictly necessary, but it wouldn’t be discouraged, either. They’re that good. The real brilliance of 63 Up and its predecessors isn’t the light these movies shine on Tony, Jackie, John, Neil and the rest, but the mirror they hold up in front of us.—The Washington Post


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“Heartwarming and poignant.” FilmWeek
“The best of art makes you think of life. On that front, Michael Apted has achieved more than all but a handful of filmmakers. Cherish 63 Up, like you cherish life.” The Globe and Mail
Cast Tony Walker, Nicholas Hitchon, Lynn Johnson
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