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Destin Daniel Cretton · United States · 2020 · 137 mins · PG
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Based on factual events, Just Mercy is the story of Walter McMillian, who in 1987 was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. McMillian’s case became famous by way of a 60 Minutes episode and the memoir of Bryan Stevenson, a brilliant, Harvard-educated attorney who came to his defense and has gone on to become a visionary leader in criminal justice reform. Played by Michael B. Jordan with his usual combination of composure and submerged fire, Stevenson is the main protagonist in Just Mercy, but Jamie Foxx also delivers one of the finest performances of his career. From its smooth visuals and warm, swinging sounds to its magnificent performances, Just Mercy is masterfully constructed to keep us inside a story that otherwise would be too brutal to bear.—The Washington Post

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“A tough-minded and hopeful movie that is unusually interested in making us see difficult truths and care about people we might prefer to forget about.” Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Just Mercy is that rarity - a movie that inspires, and a story that brings light.” Seattle Times
Cast Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan, Brie Larson
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