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Sam Mendes · UK/USA · 2019 · 119 mins · 14A
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Nominated for 10 Academy Awards Including Best Picture

April 1917, the Western Front. A young soldier, Lance-Corporal Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman), is given a perilous mission. He’s to carry a message through No Man’s Land to a battalion of the Devonshires, countermanding an attack planned for the next day. If the advance goes ahead 1,600 men may die, Blake’s brother amongst them. Blake takes with him just one other soldier, Lance Corporal Schofield (George McKay). Over the top they go, discovering that the former front line has indeed been abandoned — but the dangers they face are just beginning. To take us into their journey as immersively as possible 1917 is all filmed from a single viewpoint, just one camera (or so it seems) following Blake and Schofield closely all the time like an invisible third party to the trip. There are no apparent cuts or edits either, so that the entire film appears to be one long take, in the continuous present, uninterrupted, save for a single blackout. 

The film is thrilling, moving on effectively from one shocking set piece to another, studding the narrative too with starry cameos — Andrew Scott as a cynical, dissolute Lieutenant, Colin Firth as a calculated General, Benedict Cumberbatch as an angry, ambitious Colonel.—London Evening Standard


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“It's a tense, unnerving ride that accomplishes its goal of translating the first-person experience of war better than any war movies that have come before it. It's a level up.”—Detroit News

“An emotional and artistic masterclass.” Hot Press
“Mendes has made a film that feels wholly alive. It’s inherent devotion to life and beauty is part of its power.” TIME
Cast Dean-Charles Chapman, George MacKay, Daniel Mays
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