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Ken Loach · UK/France · 2020 · 102 mins · 14A
Awards IMDb82 --A Certified Metacritic Must See!84%

Sorry We Missed You examines the world of predatory zero-hour contracts, and how the new normal of precarious employment through the gig economy can destroy an otherwise solid family. The film follows the Murphy family as they try to rebuild their life in Britain following the 2008 recession. Patriarch Ricky finds the opportunity to become a self-employed delivery driver – which is when everything goes downhill. His wife, Abbie, a home-care nurse, sells their family car to afford Ricky’s van rental. It’s a sacrifice that Abbie is willing to make – even if it means taking buses across town, which will mean longer days. Both parents working as hard as they can, their children, a teen son Seb and tween daughter Liza Jane, fall to the wayside. 

Because Sorry We Missed You is so rooted in real experiences of delivery drivers and gig workers (and because it’s made by Loach) you know to not expect much joy at all. But because the director weaves in enough scenes to show how deeply this family cares for one another, it never feels voyeuristic in its sadness but true to reality. –The Globe and Mail

"Fierce, relentless, and devastating..."MUBI

“What makes it one of Loach's best isn't just its rage (which is plentiful) but its compassion (which is overwhelming).”—New York Magazine

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