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Peter Cattaneo · UK · 2019 · 104 mins · PG

Please note: this is an online film that can be rented at any time (not only at 1:23 as our calendar states). 50% of rental proceeds will go towards supporting Cinecenta during COVID-19. Thank you for your support! Watch trailer or rent now:
Peter Cattaneo, director of The Full Monty, really knows how to tinkle the emotional ivories. He plonks himself down at the metaphorical piano once more in this new uplifting new movie. It's based on the true story of Britain's first military wives' choir, and it benefits hugely from the casting of the ever-delightful Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan – their chalk and cheese is a perfect combination that holds interest in material that might have got a bit humdrum and schmalzy. When a British army unit is deployed to the deadly war in Afghanistan, the wives left behind on the base are understandably anxious. Prim, bossy officer's wife Kate (Scott Thomas) prevails upon the much earthier Lisa (Sharon Horgan) to form a choir to keep the women's spirits up. It's laughter, tears and triumph all round as the women reveal unsuspected talents, deal with grief both new and pent-up, and succeed in starting something wonderful.

“It tugs at the heartstrings with such determination and sincerity that there may not be a dry eye in the cinema.”ScreenDaily

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