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Scott Crawford · USA · 2020 · 75 mins · NR

Scott Crawford's documentary about Creem Magazine arrives as a breath of fresh air. Chronicling the too-brief lifespan of the music magazine whose boastful but true slogan provides the film's title, Creem will make you nostalgic for an era in which music journalism dared to be irreverent and wasn't constrained by the demands of corporate interests and babysitting publicists.

Director Crawford — who previously demonstrated his music history bona fides with his 2014 documentary Salad Days — displays an obvious fondness for the material. The loose assemblage of contemporary interviews, archival footage and photographs, snippets of musical performances, and rudimentary animation proves less than polished, but the approach perfectly suits the subject matter.

Operating out of a storefront in an inner-city Detroit neighborhood that was experiencing violence and social upheaval, the magazine championed such local musicians as MC5, the Stooges, Bob Seger and Alice Cooper, among others.

The documentary, running a brief 75 minutes, appropriately, boasts an energy and propulsive pace that feels just like rock and roll.—The Hollywood Reporter

Online tickets available in advance! Click link here to access.

 "Creem: America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine" colorfully and convincingly makes the case for the magazine's lasting contributions, a sharp, hip piece of rock history told with the same kind of insolent wit that made Creem what it was.”- -San Francisco Chronicle

“Scott Crawford's film throws viewers back to the days of rock and roll being unpredictable, wild, and outrageous.” —Should I See It

Cast Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, Joan Jett, Thurston Moore, Chad Smith, Michael Stipe, Chris Stein
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