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Kitty Green · USA · 2020 · 88 mins · PG

The Assistant is a claustrophobic, intimately unsettling movie about the assistant to an arrogant and abusive New York based film mogul; it can claim to be the first drama which addresses the #MeToo issue.

Julia Garner is excellent as Jane, a young woman who appears to have swallowed and internalised all the stress and humiliation of this job - a supposedly prestigious post that she appears to have landed shortly after graduating. Julia is subject to a thousand misogynist micro-mortifications daily: she has to cover up for her boss and at some level understands that a great deal of everyone’s administrative energy is consumed by this same thing. The Assistant is a shrewd look at the second tier of Weinsteinesque wrongdoing: the sexual abuse has to be enabled by assistants, who are often women and subject to bullying interspersed by spurious gestures of ersatz charm or assurances that they are themselves being groomed for greatness as independent producers. Julia herself is being glimpsed at a watershed moment: will she stand up to the abuse and risk career catastrophe, or go along with it? It is a sombre, realist study of what day-by-day, moment-by-moment abuse actually looks like.—The Guardian

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“Don't let the low key vibe betray the intense grip this movie has for any woman aspiring to make her way and succeed in any career. Writer/Director Kitty Green's first feature film is quiet, but powerfully loud.”—Movies and Shakers

“For such a quietly paced film, The Assistant certainly tackles a very serious topic through an intensely contemplative lens. They've created a rare piece of cinema that is able to dramatize a distinctly horrific topic in the most unassuming way”.—Film Inquiry

Cast Julia Garner, Matthew Macfayden, Patrick Wilson
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