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Hylnur Palmason · Iceland/Denmark · 2020 · 109 mins · NR · Icelandic with subtitles

The phrase a “white, white day” refers to a moment when the landscape and sky are so dense with snow, mist or fog that it is no longer clear where the two meet. In Iceland there is a saying that on a day like that one can converse with the dead. Hlynur Pálmason’s second feature A White, White Day begins with that saying. We then witness a death on one such day as a car veers off the road. The woman driving is–or rather was–the wife of the local police chief. Pálmason’s excellent new film is an examination of that man’s stages of grief. As darkly comic as it is foreboding–and boasting an outrageously rich and nuanced central performance from the great Icelandic actor Ingvar Sigurdsson, who plays the larger than life Ingimunder, A White, White Day takes the tropes of a psychological thriller but presents them with a virtuosic and austere visual flare.

Pálmason’s latest film comes with a welcome dose of humanity. This is thanks to the incandescent performance of young Ída Mekkín Hlynsdóttir (the director’s actual daughter) who plays Ingimunder’s granddaughter Salka. She is the film’s beating heart and her warmth and innocence thaw Ingimunder’s moods and thus the film itself.—The Film Stage

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“What's striking about A White, White Day is the way that Pálmason juxtaposes symbolic abstraction with acute psychological detail.”—AV Club

“A relatable and at times shocking depiction of grief, and a unique film, A White, White Day definitely deserves to be seen widely.”—Film Inquiry

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