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Nathan Grossman · Sweden · 2020 · 99 mins · PG · English and Swedish with Subtitles
IMDbRotten Tomatoes

Greta Thunberg’s life feels like it was written for a film. The teenage environmentalist’s story, from her lone climate strikes outside Sweden’s parliament in 2018 to sailing across the Atlantic to attend the UN Climate Summit in 2019, is full of pathos, triumph, danger, death threats, and breakdowns. Her speeches emboldened other young people to take to the streets and demand action to fix the world. 

I Am Greta director Nathan Grossman captures the humanity of her larger-than-life tale with an unnervingly close look into her interior life. Greta is an accidental hero of our times propelled to the world stage seemingly overnight, but that status suffocates and stifles her, as this doc highlights. Grossman positions her as a girl at odds with a hypocritical establishment. 

The doc avoids revelling in the sappy, feel-goodness you might expect if a North American filmmaker were telling this story. As she sails from Plymouth to New York City to show the world how difficult it is to live sustainably, she’s not a triumphant champion but rather a girl on the edge of desperation, hoping someone will finally pay attention. 

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"I Am Greta" is intent on reminding people that she's really just a kid who has a big dream. The key, of course, is that Thunberg's dream, by its very nature, has no time to waste. indieWire
“A fascinating "year in the life” of the eco warrior Greta Thunberg.” Times (UK)
Cast Greta Thunberg, Malena Ernman, António Guterres, Arnold Schwarzenegger
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