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Ric Burns · USA · 2019 · 115 mins · PG
IMDbRotten Tomatoes

When a neurologist develops a second career as a bestselling author due to his talent for turning case studies into what he called “neurological novels,” it’s a wonderful twist to discover that the most fascinating life of all was his own. Oliver Sacks: His Own Life, Ric Burns’ majestic documentary, covers all eight decades of the unconventional physician’s life but is rooted in the final months before his death of cancer in 2015 at the age of 82.

Gathered in his New York home with friends and close colleagues just weeks after receiving his terminal diagnosis, Sacks regales us about the ups and downs of his existence. Partner Bill Hayes, longtime editor Kate Edgar, biographer Lawrence Weschler and others provide context and fill in the gaps. Much as Sacks chronicled the lives of his patients with tape recorders, cameras and Super-8, his own life was visually well-documented, and the film benefits.

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life is a moving portrait of a man taking deep stock of his life with great satisfaction and verve. It is, as Weschler says in the film, “a master class in how to die.”.—Los Angeles Times

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“While the movie steers around the details of how post-fame Sacks became something of a brand, it beautifully presents a portrait of his compassion and bravery.” New York Times
“His Own Life stands as a worthy and thoughtful record, creating a holistic picture of a man who truly understood how to create a life of meaning.” Third Coast Review
Cast Oliver Sacks, Roberto Calasso, Kate Edgar
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