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Clark Johnson · Canada · 2020 · 100 mins · G
IMDbRotten Tomatoes

Christopher Walken gives a remarkably undemonstrative performance as Percy Schmeiser, a Saskatchewan farmer who locked horns with the multinational Monsanto in the late 1990s over the matter of some seeds. The company alleged that the farmer illegally planted some of its genetically modified canola in his fields. He said it must have blown in on the wind. They took him to court.

Soon his case catches the attention of an anti-GMO advocate (Christina Ricci), who pressures him to keep on fighting. The film does a good job of reminding us that the stakes for Percy and his family couldn’t be higher. The fifth-generation Prairie farmer – we see him telling his granddaughter how his ancestors brought seeds over from the old country – risks losing his entire livelihood on legal fees if the courts rule in Monsanto’s favour.

But while his wife (Roberta Maxwell) and son (Luke Kirby) and even his lawyer may waver, Percy never falters. The outcome was a ruling handed down by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2004, but Percy is a much more entertaining way to find out how the story ends.—National Post

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“Walken gives Percy the quiet dignity befitting a farmer who, as Johnson's story tells it, never expected to be anything more than a farmer.” Original Cin
“A well acted and unusually concise David versus Goliath tale, the Canadian drama Percy coasts along breezily under the strength of its own convictions.” The Gate
Cast Pathy Aiyar, Monique Alvarez, Adam Beach
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