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Sally Potter · UK/USA · 2020 · 85 mins · Not Rated
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The Roads Not Taken reunites trailblazing British feminist director Sally Potter with Elle Fanning, the star of her brilliant study of female friendship in the age of nuclear angst, Ginger & Rosa. This new film is further proof that director and star have found a precious harmony with each other. Fanning’s performance scorches the screen as she plays Molly, a young woman caring for her father Leo (Javier Bardem), a Mexican writer who is experiencing very distressing symptoms of dementia. Molly is torn between her deep love for her father and her growing exhaustion. It’s a very modern portrait of a working woman on the brink of burnout.--Empire

In Leo’s mind — as we discover throughout a day in which Molly escorts him to the dentist, the eye doctor and the hospital—he is living neither now nor in the past, but is switching back and forth between two alternate presents: realities that never came to pass because he chose other roads, long ago. But he can conjure them. “A writer is always working, in here,” Leo says, tapping his head, in one of his dreams. This is no simple story of regret. One of the lives Leo imagines he is living –in Mexico with his childhood sweetheart (Salma Hayek)—is wracked by grief. 

At its root, “The Roads Not Taken” is not an examination of where we go or don’t go in life, but who we choose to go there with. Its title suggests that it’s about places, but it’s really all about the people who stay with us, the people who leave and the ones who get left behind.—The Washington Post

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“Elle Fanning and Sally Potter triumph again!”Empire Magazine

“Beautiful and at times exquisitely moving.”The Washington Post

Cast Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, Branka Katic
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