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Pascale Plante · Canada · 2020 · 108 mins · PG
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A competitive swimmer retires from professional sports at her peak right after an Olympic event in Pascal Plante's intimate drama, which was included in the Cannes 2020 selection. 

Katerine Savard stars as Nadia Beaudry, a French-Canadian swimmer, her performance given a wistful tinge by the fact that she’s planning to retire from the sport at the end of the Games. The film takes its title from the butterfly stroke that is Nadia’s specialty, but also from the fact that she’s about to emerge into a different, post-sports life. The uncertainty and anxiety of that change drives the story forward. Writer/director (and former competitive swimmer!) Pascal Plante has a keen eye for what goes on behind the scenes in the world of aquatic sports. Savard and her co-stars are all first-time actors from the world of swimming, with Savard essentially re-enacting her bronze win in Rio in 2016. Sandrine Mainville, as her best friend Marie-Pierre, also picked up a bronze medal at those Games.

Any concern that Plante chose his cast for their swimming prowess alone is undone by their naturalistic performances. There’s a melancholy undertow in Nadia, Butterfly that’s perfectly captured by Savard’s quiet performance.

Nadia, Butterfly doesn’t feature many fireworks, but it doesn’t need to. The introspection and contemplative mood are all that is required to pull the viewer into this woman’s world. Nadia may have only come in third place at the Olympics, but Nadia, Butterfly takes the gold.—National Post

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“Savard is magnetic.”-The Hollywood Reporter

“Nadia, Butterfly is a filmmaking stroke of genius.”—National Post

Cast Katerine Savard, Ariane Mainville, Pierre-Yves Cardinal
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