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Michael Sarnoski · UK · 2021 · 91 mins · PG
Awards IMDb97%

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Rated 97% on Rotten Tomatoes!

Not only is director Michael Sarnoski’s sublime debut Pig a valiantly touching drama and an emotionally spellbinding winner, it also features one of the greatest performances in Nicolas Cage’s long, award-winning career. Rob (Cage) is a quiet, solitary man living deep in the Oregon wilderness. He is a truffle hunter, his only companion a foraging pig who helps him eke out a living. The two are inseparable, and whomever Rob was in the past, whatever dreams or desires he once held dear, none of that matters anymore, and the only thing that does is the man’s beloved pet pig. 

Faster than you can say, John Wick, Rob is assaulted and his pig is stolen. With the aid of Amir (Alex Wolff), an annoying youngster who shows up periodically to buy truffles, he is forced to return to Portland for the first time in years. Soon they are traipsing through the unknown haute cuisine underworld, and it quickly turns out this introverted woodsman isn’t the disheveled hermit he appears to be.

Cage is magnificent. This is a restrained, intuitively measured portrait of a lost man rediscovering forgotten facets of himself as he goes on this surreal trek through a world he left in the rearview mirror ages ago. Rob is a soulful enigma whose pain is born from distinctly human turmoil, all of which is instantly relatable. Eschewing many of the colorful histrionics, both physical and verbal, that have all been that actor’s trademark for almost four decades, Cage is nonetheless still extraordinary in ways uniquely suited to his borderline unclassifiable talents. Pig runts around in themes as fragile as the truffles Rob and his companion diligently hunt for daily, all of which make this a delicious cinematic delicacy worth feasting upon.

“His most contemplative performance in years, a reminder of a time when David Lynch hailed Cage as "the jazz musician of American acting"—Irish Times

“A bittersweet and often surprisingly tender exploration of food, creative expression, and human connection.”—FilmWeek

“[Cage] offers something genuinely special: a perfect performance, and one which could not exist without every other performance that the actor has ever delivered.”—The Globe and Mail


Cast Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff
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