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Leos Carax · France/Belgium · 2021 · 141 mins · 14A
Awards IMDb70%
Oct 22 5:40pm
Oct 23 3:00 & 5:40pm

Winner of Best Director and Best Soundtrack at Cannes Film Festival!

A tragicomic musical fantasy from Cannes best director winner Leos Carax and American pop maestros Sparks, in which a starry cast is augmented – and arguably upstaged – by a puppet in the title role.

Annette follows the operatic misfortunes of dyspeptic comedian Henry McHenry (Adam Driver) and beloved soprano Ann Defrasnoux (Marion Cotillard), a couple whose celebrity marriage provokes a media frenzy. Henry became a comedian “to tell the truth without getting killed”; Ann is “always dying” in theatrically staged romantic encounters. Together, the couple produce life in the figure of baby Annette – brilliantly portrayed through puppetry, presenting an artificial yet eerily lifelike embodiment of their union.

With book and music by Ron and Russell Mael, Annette feels like the culmination of several unmade Sparks cinematic projects, blending the comic absurdity of Jacques Tati with the gothically inspired visual invention of Tim Burton. Yes, Annette is an extravagantly ridiculous affair, a pop opera, shot through with the wry humour that has always characterised the Mael brothers’ music. Yet at the heart of its swirling strangeness lies something of real truth and beauty. There are touches of Canadian director Guy Maddin’s oddball oeuvre in Carax’s use of superimposition and stylised backgrounds, as if the film were looking back through the prism of silent cinema to its roots in music hall and vaudeville. Annette is surprisingly accessible fare: adventurous, anarchic and unexpectedly heartfelt.—The Guardian

“The most original film of 2021, Annette is a ride like no other, a spellbinding waltz in a storm.”Empire Magazine

“It's bonkers and totally brilliant.”—London Evening Standard

Cast adam Driver, Marion Cotillard, Simon Helberg, Rossel Mael, Ron Mael
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