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An Evening of Cuban Culture and Music: La Tumba Mambi

D.J. Jigüe & Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier |Cuba/Canada |2022 |27min
Language: English Subtitles


October 14:4:30 pm

13th Latin American and Spanish Film Week  

A Celebration of the Arts in the Hispanic World

Double bill: buy a ticket for La Tumba Mambi and stay for Los Hermanos after free! No Cinecenta comps or 10 passes will be accepted for these screenings  

A documentary by D.J. Jigüe and  Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, Professor of Anthropology at UVic. After the show,  stay for a Q&A and conversation with Prof. Boudreault-Fournier.

As a result of the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804), many French settlers travelled to Eastern Cuba with African slaves to escape the revolt. The Tumba Francesa Societies, brotherhood and a mutual aid networks, emerged from these waves of slave migrations. Eventually, they became integral constituents of Cuban culture. La Tumba Mambi is a docu-fiction film based on the Tumba Francesa, La Caridad de Oriente, in the city of Santiago de Cuba. We meet Andrea and her daughter Queli, two charismatic knowledge keepers of their rich cultural traditions. The original film soundtrack, composed and produced by Cuban-based D.J. Jigüe, in collaboration with Tumba Francesa members, is a rhythmic and striking reminder that the present is grounded in a history of struggles for freedom.

Don’t miss “A Night of Latin Music with Pablo Cárdenas and The West Coast Cuban Orchestra” later at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad St., downtown).

Doors at 7.30 pm, salsa dancing at 8.00 pm, show at 9 PM. Tickets at the VEC website or in person.


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