The Munchie Bar

damn fine popcorn | Kicking Horse espresso | delicious Italian-style sandwiches | Wildfire & Bubby Rose baking

Both a bustling coffee shop during the day, and a movie theatre concession on evenings and weekends, The Munchie Bar has it all!

For your movie snacks we have the best and most affordable popcorn in town, offering real butter at no extra cost, and complimentary nutritional yeast to sprinkle on top. Enjoy a variety of beverages beyond fountain pop: Yerba Mate, Vitamin Water, juice, coffee and tea. We offer a large selection of candy, including local organic chocolate bars and natural liquorice and gummies. If they haven’t sold out you can enjoy a locally made baked good too!

Open Monday through Friday at 8am and weekends from 10am (with alternate operating hours from May – August), the Munchie Bar is also a popular destination for coffee lovers. Serving quality Kicking Horse coffee and offering a full espresso bar menu, and featuring a variety of alternative milks: oat, almond, coconut and soy. Bring your own mug for a discount!

Our delicious baking is all locally sourced with an emphasis on quality and alternative options, including gluten free and vegan fare. Ciabatta sandwiches are made fresh daily, get one of our vegan almond mayo and avocado ones before they sell out!

Munchie Bar Regular Hours (September – April)

Monday – Friday | 8 am- 7:30 pm                     Saturday & Sunday | 2:30-7:30 pm

Summer Hours (May – August)

Monday & Tuesday | 8 am – 4 pm                    Wednesday – Friday | 8 am -7:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday | 4:30-7:30 pm