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Vasilis Katsoupis |UK |2023 |105min
Rating: PG Cast: Willem Dafoe, Gene Bervoets Closed Captioning Available


May 26:5:00 pm, 7:10 pmMay 27:5:00 pm, 7:10 pm

Willem Dafoe plays an art thief who becomes trapped in a high-tech luxury pent house in Vasilis Katsoupis’ unusual thriller. Nemo (Dafoe) is an artist himself as well as an appreciator (and acquirer) of fine art. When he arrives at the unoccupied home of a successful architect in order to rob him, he has a plan, and will follow it to the letter – this is not a crime of opportunity, but a heist that has been meticulously devised. Unfortunately things go badly wrong when the apartment’s security system malfunctions as Nemo attempts to exit, and he becomes trapped inside. For the majority of the film’s runtime Dafoe is the only person on-screen, the responsibility falls to him alone to carry the film. If there was ever a man up to the task it’s Dafoe, a consistently compelling presence who proves infinitely watchable. Inside is a stylish affair, it fosters a surreal, unnerving atmosphere and makes voyeurs of its audience – like spectators in a gallery.—Little White Lies

“Inside is a perplexing descent into the unknown, and whether or not this madness is art (or the art is madness) is purely in the eye of the beholder.”—MovieFreak.com

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