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Satan Wants You

Steve J. Adams & Sean Horlor |Canada |2023 |90min
Rating: PG


September 27:5:00 pm, 7:00 pmSeptember 28:5:00 pm, 7:00 pm

Sleepy Victoria, B.C isn’t typically associated with devil worship and human sacrifice. But as this eye-opening documentary makes clear, our provincial capital was once the epicenter of what became known as the “satanic panic,” a disturbing social phenomenon that swept across North America through the 1980s. Psychiatrist Larry Pazder’s bestseller Michelle Remembers recounted the shocking, lurid tale of a young child exposed to unspeakable cruelties by a satanic cult. The details were based on Michelle Smith’s long-suppressed memories, painfully extracted during years of intense, intimate therapy… It was the perfect fodder for daytime TV talk shows, and Pazder and Smith — who eventually divorced their respective spouses and got married — became wealthy as they spread the alarm across the continent. Soon, many other victims were coming forward. But was any of it actually true?—Vancouver International Film Festival

“Satan Wants You doesn’t just unveil disturbing truths behind a bygone era; it’s a cautionary tale for our current age of rampant misinformation.”—Bloody Disgusting

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