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The Fabelmans

Steven Spielberg |USA/India |2022 |151min
Rating: PG Cast: Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Gabriel LaBelle


April 21:4:45 pm, 7:40 pmApril 22:4:45 pm, 7:40 pm

Academy Award nominee and winner of the Golden Globe for best picture!

In The Fabelmans, Steven Spielberg looks back on his upbringing with compassion and generosity, marvelling at that young kid who wanted to be a filmmaker and, more profoundly, the parents who shaped him. Semi-autobiographical and dedicated to his late mom and dad, the film is a potent memory piece guided by remarkable performances from Michelle Williams and Paul Dano, who are asked to walk a delicate tonal tightrope, delivering a portrait of an imperfect marriage that’s heartbreaking in its tenderness. Spielberg’s numerous fans may be intrigued to watch what is, in essence, the director’s origin story, and a cast that includes Seth Rogen and, amazingly, David Lynch will further stoke commercial interest. Presumably, audiences will come to The Fabelmans to glean such insights into how Spielberg became Spielberg. But his openhearted film would rather you get to know the parents he loved who left their mark on him — and inspired one of his most touching, mature pictures.—Screen International

“The Fabelmans is beautiful, involving, often spellbinding. Spielberg has now demonstrated that he can look inward, as well as outward, and still command every frame.”Baltimore Magazine

“The Fabelmans does it all, with an expansive spirit and that quintessential Spielbergian combination of honesty and sentiment.”—Washington Post

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