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Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart |Canada |2023 |94min
Rating: PG Cast: Michaela Watkins, Sara Waisglass, Charlie Gillespie


June 25:5:00 pm, 7:00 pmJune 26:5:00 pm, 7:00 pm

The charming story of an unlikely friendship that develops between a perimenopausal woman and a lost teenager. Susan (Michaela Watkins) is a divorcee and single mother to a newly graduated daughter, Brooke (Sara Waisglass). As Brooke prepares to head off to university, a twist of fate causes Susan to reluctantly agree to look after Brooke’s boyfriend, Gage (Charlie Gillespie), for a few weeks following an accident. She’s always thought her daughter could do better, but it turns out there’s more to him than just the loser in love with her daughter. This is a movie about self-discovery for both Susan and Gage. They both built their identities around Brooke and must now figure out who they are without her — a journey that is painful, embarrassing, enlightening and freeing. They’re definitely an odd couple with opposing personalities and completely contradictory outlooks on life. Yet, over the course of their forced cohabitation, they form a friendship. The performances of Watkins and Gillespie are what make this picture sweet. There’s no inappropriate sexual tension or skewed power dynamic to navigate. They’re just two people nursing broken hearts and learning to look past their superficial perceptions of each other.–Digital Journal    

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